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Hands-off-for busy owners that aren’t able to dedicate the time to training.

Builds independence and helps mitigate separation anxiety.

Dogs receive multiple, tailored-to-their-needs sessions daily under the eyes of a professional.

Expedited results.

Post-board and train, lifetime support from your trainer.


Owner learns how to train their dog under the guidance of a professional.

One-on-one, educational time with a trainer of your choice.

Owner is solely responsible for the results they achieve, which can increase motivation and consistency.

Flexible scheduling.

A less expensive option for getting professional help with your dog.

Click here for all required information and forms. 

Completed forms are required for ALL SERVICES

Behavior / Obedience Private Lessons

One Hour Private Training at Our Facility @ $100 / Follow-up Sessions @ $75

Training at Your Location @ $ 150.00 / Lesson

(A travel fee may apply)

Board & Train Program                 $ 1,500.00

This on-leash training program is designed to establish & enhance effective dog/owner communication.  It provides your dog with better overall manners around people and other dogs.  You will also receive assistance in proper socialization and/or confidence building exercises.  During the program, your dog will stay at our location for approximately 2 weeks.  A training chain collar & e-collar are included with this package and will be incorporated into the training.   The trainers will teach your dog the basic obedience commands (heel, sit, down, stay, come, place) along with teaching them general good manners (no bolting out doors, no jumping on people, etc.).  Your dog will be taught to respond to both verbal commands and hand signals.

At the end of the program we will schedule a Go-Home Lesson at YOUR home.  You and your family will be taught proper leash handling techniques, correct use of each command and proper use of training & e-collars in your every day environment.

Customized needs (example: seperation anxiety) and off leash training are also available.

For all of our training programs to be successful, it is imperative for owners to work at home to change behaviors as instructed by the trainers.  Your willingness to incorporate training and obedience commands into everyday life are crucial for success!! 

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