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Dog in a Box



Overnight Boarding Prices:


Small Dogs (up to 19lbs.) = $30 / day

Additional Family Dogs = $20 / day

Medium - Large Dogs (20lbs. - 89lbs) = $35 / day

Additional Family Dogs = $20 / day

XL Dogs (90lbs +) = $40 / day

Additional Family Dogs = $30 / day

*Discounts may apply

DropOff & PickUp Times

Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun -                                                       Tues, Thurs, Fri (Daycare Days) - 

DropOff Hours:   7-745am;  12-2pm                                            DropOff Hours:   7am-3pm  

PickUp Hours:  7-8am;  12-3pm; 8pm                                          PickUp Hours:  7am-5:30pm; 8pm    


*On the day of pickup if your pup is picked up between 7-8am that day's charge will be half price. Anytime after that will be at the full daily rate.


Boarding Usual Daily Routine (subject to change depending on weather, etc.) - Around 7am we arrive to let the dogs out for about an hour of group play (as long as everyone is dog friendly) and do their business. We have multiple play yards so if we have to separate anyone for whatever reasons, we can do that.  Around 8am or so we put the dogs back in their kennels with breakfast. We arrive back around noon and let the dogs out for group play again. Around 3-3:30pm they are kenneled again with dinner. Around 8pm we go back down for another hour. Again a little bit of group play and doing their business and by 9pm they are usually kenneled with a little nightly snack.


Amenities for all our Boarders

  • Motions-sensor cameras
  • Anti-fatigue flooring for all the kennels
  • Soft blue overhead night-lighting in the kennel room
  • Relaxing instrumental music in the kennel room
  • Bedding for any pup that forgot theirs 
  • Bottled, fresh water


  • Only the best freeze-dried or 2 ingredient treats to entice eating or for a special bedtime snack
  • A Probiotic for the stressed pup ❤️
  • A few hours of group play, every day... if not more
  • Partake in Daycare (10 hrs of play) if they are there on a Tuesday,Thursday & Friday



Follow our FB page to see pictures & videos of your pup!! Don’t do FB, just let us know & we’ll text you throughout the stay!


Remember to bring food in individual daily baggies marked AM & PM. Also, bring an extra baggie of food in case travel plans get delayed, bedtime snacks, etc. Bring whatever bed / blankets that will make your pup feel the most comfortable while staying with us. 


We now require a meet & greet, a daycare visit and/or a trial overnight stay for all new clients.  We want to try to minimize as much anxiety as possible before you leave on a week's vacation, etc.  We want you and your pup to be comfortable and enjoy the time away from home.  



Click here for all required information and forms. 

Completed forms are required for ALL SERVICES

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